eBook 13 CO2 Data & Reporting

As the urgency for carbon emissions reporting builds, particularly with deadlines for impending regulations set for early 2024, teams across the logistics and supply chain sectors face significant challenges gathering the data they need quickly and ensuring it’s accurate to become compliant.

In this ebook, we dive into the complexities of CO2 compliance and data management, offering insights and best practices for shippers, supply chain teams, LSPs, and other stakeholders. We’ll highlight the critical role of technology in streamlining your CO2 reporting and share best practices for your sustainability efforts gathered from CO2 data providers, international shippers, and other supply chain teams like yours.

We'll cover: 
  • Insights from a survey and interviews conducted by Chain.io and our customers on current CO2 reporting practices from shippers and LSPs
  • An in-depth review of global CO2 regulations and sustainability initiatives
  • Detailed best practices for CO2 compliance
  • The pivotal role of data integration in ensuring accuracy and efficiency
  • How Chain.io's solutions empower stakeholders in their compliance journey

Explore Best Practices: