The auditor asked you to prove it...

...and you could!


Leverage the blockchain for documentation

Too often, global trade is done via excel, email, and PDF.  When it comes time to audit these documents, can you answer...

  • "How do I know you haven't changed this file?"
  • "When did you receive this file?" 
Vault uses the power of the blockchain to provide strong, auditable proof for these key questions.
Seeing blockchain solutions come to fruition with immediate, real-world use cases is a watershed moment for technological progress, and — as Vault demonstrates — is having an immediate and powerful influence on our industry practices
BDP Interational

Brian Kautz

CIO, BDP International

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Vault delivers auditability without sacrificing security


All of your data is stored fully off chain.  Nothing about your company, the content of your files or their metadata is written to the public block chain.

Active Control

You are in full control of who you provide your vault records to.  Share your vault records with auditors, customers, or nobody at all.  It's up to you.

Proof of Time

Vault captures the exact time that you captured a file.  This is critical for things like social compliance and supplier audits where you need to prove you did the work before issuing purchase orders.

Proof of Integrity

Changing even one letter on a document, a cell on a spreadsheet, or a pixel on an image completely invalidates your Vault record, allowing you to prove that you haven't modified critical records since they were received.

Auditor Friendly

Because Vault uses the public blockchain, auditors can independently verify the veracity of your documents without involving  You simply provide them with the receipt and our open source verification code, and they can run the verification routines themselves.

Easy To Use

You don't need to change your workflow with Vault.  With integration options ranging from manual web uploads to document management system connectivity, Vault seamlessly folds into your existing document processes.